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Quest Guide


Quest Guide
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Quest 1
Name: Dragon Slayer
Requirements: Atleast a level 25 character. For the ultimate safety i would recomend doing it with a level 30 character. You will need Dragon Armor to get past the second floor. The air is filled with poison. The only way you can make it through without losing health is having on Dragon Armor. You can find that somewhere in the cave. For this quest Noble Hero Sword 2 would be best to use. If you can get a sword stronger than that then good for you.
What to do: This is easy. Everyone in the village Camalot will ask for your help. Even the mayor will reward you if you destroy the monster. If your an Earth Adept (male or female) around the outskirts on the village you should be able to find spire for both classes. The shady summoners are lvl 8 so you have to train alot. after that you are free to enter the cave. What you need to do is go past the first room without fighting. in the second room you will find you can go 3 more ways. go right and you should find a key. go back to the center room. this time you will advace going down. you should notice a door. use the key and the door will open. go through it and you should be able to find a way to the basement. go down to the basement and keep advancing downwards. soon you willbe attack by a level 20 guard. keep your hopes up. if you kill it you will get lots of exp and 100 gold. get the dragon armor and the boss key. quickly leave before the guard respawns. go back to the first floor and find the center room with the intersection. this time to left. it would be a good thing to equip your dragon armor. if you cant then go train and come back later. after you put it on advance to the second floor. after you do just keep going til you hit the final door. you will have to stand infront of the door to open it so if your beside it it will not work. after you get through there than good luck with the boss.
Reward: You will get the boat pass from the treasure room. this is used to travel to different continents. you will also be rewarded 1000 Zeons and recieve 2500 extra experience points. In order to recieve this reward(except for the boat pass. the boat pass is already in the treasure room) you must recieve the quest password and enter it on the site. once you do then i will manually reward you with those gifts.
Quest 2
Comming soon!!!

Quest Guide written by Matt Nwachukwu.