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There was a god. His name was Ryu-Koshin. He created the land of Everlot. In this world he created 4 continents. They are: Earth Continent, Fire Continent, Wind Continent, and Water Continent. The god was dying so he tried to give himself enternal life. Having this failed he had no choice but to brake up himself into 4 spirits. The he gave each spirit a special ability of his. He created the Earth Spirit, Ghail. He was given all of the gods Aggression. He then created the Fire Spirit, (Your name here... apply to become a god or goddess by e-mailing me. the form is at the botton.). He gave this spirit all of his courage. He then made a Water Spirit. His name was Matt. He gave this spirit all of his wisdom. He had a bit on aggression, courage, and wisdome left so he gave that to the 4th spirit, (your name here... apply to become a god or goddess by e-mailing me. the form is at the bottom.). After he gave his powers to the 4 spirits he died. 500 years later the gods and goddesses started to create people to live on the world. The people they created often mocked the gods and goddesses. The spirits were enraged and created 4 mystic and powerful monsters. They control the monsters and after 100 years of causing mayhem he the monsters could no longer be controled. they came to the people for help. the people with special powers, the powers of earth, fire, wind, and water, often known as adepts, offered to help. now its up to you. you have to travel the 4 continents and try your best to stop each monster. once you do you must collect the 4 peices of the mystic armor and slay the god Ryu-Koshin that threatens to wander the land, everlot, once again. if the 4 spirit gods see you doing an act of good then you then they might reward you.

Apply for a god or goddess position by filling out the form below and clicking "Submit."
Note: Im only looking for 2 more gods/goddesses... You have to be a Fire Adept or a Wind Adept to apply.

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Story written by Matt Nwachukwu